Sometimes, it is difficult to appreciate the things that offer up a challenge like dealing with the snow and icy cold winters of the north. Whenever I scoff at the cold, I try to remember that such challenges give rise to creativity and therefore, open up opportunities in many forms. Where would we be without challenge? Perhaps we would be lazy, complacent, and unfulfilled? Challenge is the substance of inventions; the beginnings of fulfillment and reward. The challenges of our forefathers allow us to live in comfort today. With the New Year now under way, take in a figurative “dose of cold air” and think of the things that challenge you. Be creative and know our wish for you in 2015 is that you embrace your challenge, whatever it may be, and in doing so, may you discover fulfilment and reward. We hope 2015 will prove to be an industrious and rewarding year for all.