Kimes Technologies International can recommend application specific sulfonates and synergistic components for your formulating needs.
Technically Proficient

The Kimes product portfolio consists of metallic sulfonates and sulfonic acids derived from various sulfonation methods. Our broad product range includes formulating components for crankcase, grease feeds, rust and corrosion inhibitors, metal working, and hydraulic fracturing. In the calcium sulfonate venue, our capabilities include highly active neutrals to highly overbased (up to 500 TBN) products in a variety of base stocks, including some products with NSF food grade approval.

Our proficiency enables us to make product recommendations that suit your intended application and process capabilities. We can also work with you to develop special products with tailored properties to impart specific functionality.

Additional offerings include other specialties such as overbased calcium and magnesium salicylate, neutral and overbased barium sulfonates, overbased magnesium sulfonate, oil and water soluble sodium sulfonates, and our complete Jalpon™ line of gelled calcium sulfonates.

Kimes Technologies has carved a niche by concentrating on intermediate and component products only. By doing so, we avoid competing with our customers.

Auto Crankcase
Marine & Industrial Oils
Rust Preventives & Coatings