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Summer Muse: High Definition and the Speed of Time

An all-time favorite muse is “the speed at which time flies.” At Kimes Technologies, time was gaining momentum, flying faster and faster. And one thing for sure, there just didn’t seem to be enough of it. The conundrum conjured up a bit of advice given to me many years ago; “slow down, enjoy the process – don’t be too end results oriented or you will miss the detail.” And so, amidst the fast pace of things and with concerted effort, we slowed it down and examined the detail. The outcome of that exercise was most certainly “definition”. The practical advice given to me early on applies more than ever in the fast paced world of today. Quite simply, detail and clarity are more profound when we aren’t hurrying. After examining the detail, our action steps included reducing the clutter in our product line and devoting resources only to the areas that (1) meet our vision, (2) fit within our core competency, and most importantly, (3) fill a void. Our wish for you as we finish out this summer is that you can slow it down enough to enjoy your work, embrace the details, and appreciate the high definition that is discovered when the speed of time is throttled back just a bit! Please enjoy this summer edition of the KTI Newsletter.

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